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About this game

Unearth the excitement of “Winter Falling,” a thrilling game greatly influenced by the renowned series “Game of Thrones.” As you journey into this epic Medieval setting, your primary mission is to fortify and maintain your castle’s defenses against the relentless onslaught of the living dead. Beyond this monumental task, you’re expected to proficiently manage your troops and resources. Essential aspects of your rule include developing trenches, fostering a high morale within your ranks, and launching a potent offensive against your undead foes. The objective is to endure through the harrowing nights, with the hope of witnessing another dawn.

“Winter Falling” is uniquely immersive, empowering you with the ability to command your army during real-time battles. However, the game permits you to approach each conflict at a pace comfortable to you, allowing pauses for strategic planning and contemplation. Outside the scope of battles, your role as a leader continues on the world map where crucial decisions about troop sustenance and city looting must be made. Consequently, your choices will determine if your treasury continues to overflow, or depletes under the strain of warfare.

The game not only offers a captivating story and gameplay, but it also encourages creativity. It allows you to personalize your battles using an intuitive in-game map editor, which you can share effortlessly using a copy-paste function. In addition, “Winter Falling” supports modding, allowing you to conceive your unique units, weapons, and races. Its design elements draw inspiration from classic games like Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat, FTL, and Total War, ensuring you an experience that is simultaneously novel and nostalgically reminiscent of these cherished classics.