About Rockitty Game

Rockitty is a fictional character in a game that appears in various levels. It is a green cat with a single gold eye located in the center of its face. The character is recognizable by the pink space helmet it wears, which has a glowing pink antennae on top. Underneath the helmet is a red collar with a small bell in the shape of a tilted square, and it has a white skull on its belly and small legs.

In level 1, Rockitty possesses a machine that allows it to fly into space. When any object comes in contact with Rockitty, it rebounds off the object. If the object is hazardous, it rebounds back spinning. Rockitty has the ability to stick to pink goo, activate switches, and push space cows and small planets. The game’s objective in this level is for Rockitty to find its kitty cruiser while avoiding obstacles.

In level 2, Rockitty must be very careful while aiming, as touching lava can result in it getting destroyed. The character expresses a wish to have nine lives like other cats. In this level, Rockitty encounters asteroids that it needs to smash to pieces to progress.

In level 3, Rockitty reaches the Milky Way and can change direction while swimming in milk to hunt down fresh fish. It also comes across space cows, which it can touch to score big points.

In level 6, Rockitty encounters a piece of junk, which it comments as being nowhere near the luxury of its kitty class cruiser.

In level 8, Rockitty needs to knock kitty keys together to unlock special doors.

In level 10, Rockitty must avoid space squids that can harm it, but it also has a weak spot that can be used against them.

In level 13, Rockitty must be careful while leaping as the area is full of deadly explosives. The force field, however, is harmless.

In level 16, Rockitty experiences hot temperatures and needs to move quickly to avoid getting destroyed.

In level 20, Rockitty encounters cannons that shoot harmless bubbles, which it can use to carry itself to other places.