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Get to know about the game You Are Here

Embark on a maze-filled journey in “You Are Here,” where navigation skills, quick reflexes, and problem-solving are key. Each level offers intricate pathways, locked gates, and mysterious mechanisms to challenge players.

Game Mechanics

  1. Navigation:
    • To move, players should click on the edges of paths.
    • The character will move in the direction of the clicked edge.
  2. Locked Gates:
    • Some pathways are obstructed by gates.
    • Each level has a unique mechanism to unlock these gates.
  3. Unlocking Mechanisms:
    • Level 1: The mechanism involves a “back circle thing”. To unlock the gate:
      • Click on the circle.
      • As it begins to move, players must navigate and pass along with it, racing against time.
  4. Timing is Crucial:
    • To successfully navigate through the gates, especially in Level 1, players must be quick and precise.

Strategies and Tips

  1. Survey the Scene: Before diving into the action, briefly scan the layout of the maze to plot an initial route and identify potential gate mechanisms.
  2. Stay Alert: The unlocking mechanisms will challenge not only your problem-solving skills but also your reflexes. Always be ready to move!
  3. Practice: The “back circle thing” mechanism in Level 1 is just the beginning. As you progress, expect more complex challenges. Repeating levels can help refine your technique.
  4. Plan Your Route: In mazes with multiple paths, plan a route that allows you to unlock gates in a sequence, minimizing backtracking.
  5. Stay Calm: Even if you miss the timing in a level, staying calm and trying again is essential. Hasty decisions can lead to more mistakes.

Dive into the puzzling world of “You Are Here” and sharpen your navigation and problem-solving skills as you tackle each maze and race against time. With each level offering new challenges, players are sure to find themselves engrossed in this intricate labyrinthine adventure.