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Stickman Escape

To dive into the adventure of Stickman Escape, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the following controls:

  • Movement is controlled via WASD or Arrow keys.
  • G is used to interact or use objects.
  • The F key allows you to switch characters.
  • To zoom out, press Z.
  • ESC is used to pause the game.

In Stickman Escape, you’re in charge of two stickman companions endeavoring to escape from the confines of a menacing facility. Your task is to maneuver the blue character to collect the blue key, and likewise, control the red character to acquire the red key. It sounds straightforward, but it’s considerably more challenging than it appears. The facility is teeming with security guards, surveillance cameras, drones, and lasers, as well as dangerous acid vats to fall into. Moreover, there are fellow prisoners trapped in the facility who need rescuing, and freeing them lets you unlock their unique costumes. The game also offers an extensive range of skins and accessories for unlocking, ensuring a constant freshness to your playthrough. And, don’t miss the chance to win some free cash by visiting the Lucky Wheel. Remember, escaping requires skill and quick thinking, so go forth and prove you have what it takes!