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Embark on an adventure with Mamma Mia (here we go again!), a demanding platformer game. Here, the journey to your destination calls for drastic measures. Uniquely, the fallen bodies of your own clones become your stepping stones. The objective is to surpass every hurdle and successfully conclude the game. Do you have what it takes to embrace this challenge?

In Mamma Mia (here we go again!), a thrilling platformer inspired by the beloved Super Mario series, your task is to guide Mario to his flag, navigating through an array of obstacles. Regrettably, these barriers are too imposing, vast, and abundant to be tackled single-handedly. Fortunately, Mario possesses the ability to replicate himself thousands of times, and he’s prepared to let each clone fall in pursuit of his goal.

The game controls are easy to master. Utilize the WASD keys to maneuver Mario across the map and the space key to execute jumps. Deploy the F key to transform the active Mario into a manipulable ragdoll corpse. These ragdolls can be pushed around, serve as shields, or function as platforms for leaps. By strategically creating a multitude of ragdoll corpses, you can forge walls, stairs, and even bridges to surmount the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that lie ahead.