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About Apple Knight Game

To venture into the enchanting realm of Apple Knight: Mini Dungeon, you need to familiarize yourself with the controls:

  • Movement is executed through WASD or Arrow keys.
  • Jumping is done using Z, J, or Space.
  • To launch an attack, use X, K, or Control.
  • For dashing, press V, ;, or Alt.
  • Throwing apples requires the use of C, L, or Shift.

Immerse yourself in this thrilling action platformer role-playing game, Apple Knight, where you don the role of a gallant hero traversing an expansive and mystic world. Along your journey, uncover hidden secrets, embark on thrilling quests, collect adorable pets, and find valuable treasures. Employ your arsenal of weapons, magical items, and spells to vanquish formidable bosses. Engage in battles against mages, knights, and monstrous creatures, or outsmart them using traps from a safe distance! To maintain your edge in these challenges, ensure your abilities, armor, pets, weapons, and spells are upgraded regularly. And worry not, with its range of difficulty settings, Apple Knight: Mini Dungeon promises a fun-filled adventure for players of all skills and ages.