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About Bacon May Die Game

To master the game Bacon May Die, you must first understand the controls:

For Player 1:

  • Move and fight using the arrow keys.
  • To shoot, press and hold the left/right arrow keys.

For Player 2:

  • Move and fight with WASD keys.
  • To shoot, press and hold A/D keys.

In the humorously titled game, Bacon May Die, you take on the role of a pig, bravely battling against waves of adversaries. You’re not only a trained fighter but are also equipped with a firearm for when the enemy swarm becomes overwhelming. This game features an enjoyable two-player mode, where you can team up on a single computer and decimate enemies together in ‘coop’ mode.

Customizing your pig is a major part of the fun. Adorn your porky character with a multitude of items such as hats, glasses, necklaces, or pants, creating countless combinations that will ensure your pig is the hippest in the fray. And don’t forget to bring along your pet chicken into the battles – it may appear harmless, but its beak is not to be trifled with!