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About Chicken Merge Game

Chicken Merge is a captivating game that combines merge and tower defense elements, challenging players to create an unstoppable flock of guardian chickens to protect their base from relentless enemy waves. The primary objective is to train and upgrade chicken units, increasing their strength and effectiveness in battle. To achieve this, simply drag and drop identical chickens together, resulting in a stronger, more resilient chicken. Position these upgraded chickens along the defense lines, carefully preparing for incoming enemy attacks.

As you continue to merge chickens and boost their strength, you’ll unlock an array of powerful upgrades and weapons to further enhance your defense capabilities. This not only adds depth to the gameplay but also keeps it engaging and enjoyable. Share Chicken Merge with your friends and engage in friendly competition to determine who can build the strongest and most impregnable coop. The game offers hours of strategic fun while allowing players to test their skills against their peers.

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