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About War Master Game

The first “War Master” is a strategy action game developed by EasyCats. In this game, players command an army base under attack, responsible for building barracks, training troops, and leading them in battle. The gameplay is dynamic, requiring strategic planning and tactical execution. Players earn golden medals by defeating enemies, which are used to rank up and unlock more powerful weapons such as tanks, attack helicopters, and even nuclear bombs. This game offers a blend of resource management, troop deployment, and real-time strategy elements, making it appealing to fans of military-themed strategy games​​.

The second, “Warmaster,” is a set of fantasy miniatures wargame rules developed by Games Workshop, the same company behind Warhammer and Lord of the Rings miniatures. This game is notable for its use of 10mm scale miniatures and is played on a large board, typically 6′ x 4′, to points values of 2,000 points. “Warmaster” allows players to enact large-scale battles set in a fantasy world, complete with a variety of troop types and battle units. The game has a rich history and is known for its depth in strategy and tactics, with a focus on army formation, movement, and combat. It has even spawned variants like “Warmaster Ancients,” which adapts the rules for historical battles covering periods from early Biblical times to 1066, and “Warmaster Medieval Armies,” introducing new armies and rule changes to suit medieval warfare​​​​.

Each version of “War Master” offers a distinct gaming experience: one is a digital strategy action game focusing on modern military warfare, while the other is a tabletop miniature wargame set in a fantasy universe with historical variants.