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About Tiny Crash Fighters

In Tiny Crash Fighters, players must create a robot by assembling various parts on the frame, such as weapons, frames, and wheels. The robot must be designed to put it at an advantage against its opponent during a fight. The game has two modes: Versus mode and Quick Fight mode.

In Versus mode, the player’s robot is pitted against opponents one by one, and they have the choice between quitting and upgrading their robot or challenging another robot for a higher payout. In Quick Fight mode, the player’s task is to defeat waves of opponents for as long as they can. The mode ends only when the player’s robot is defeated.

Customizing the robot is simply a matter of dragging and dropping the parts, and the player must try different combinations of weapons, frames, and wheel sizes to create a near-unstoppable fighting robot. The game features three types of weapons: continuous weapons, interval weapons, and reorientation weapons.

The frames have varying weight distributions, and some are less stable than others when given weapons, so the player must use larger or smaller wheels in the right spots to keep the robot’s balance. There are four types of wheels that the player can unlock, each with its own cost.

During a fight, the robot is completely autonomous, as is the opponent’s. The robots move toward each other until one of them loses all their hit points. After a few seconds, the walls of the arena will start to close in, and the robot that makes contact with the spinning blades on the wall is destroyed. The winning robot is the one that outlasts its opponent.

In terms of strategy, the player must avoid making their robot fall over, as it may be in a position where the opponent can freely attack it. Smaller machines can attack bigger ones unimpeded with most weapons, and larger machines often have their weapons situated higher up where they can’t attack smaller opponents as effectively. The player needs a continuous weapon to whittle away at the enemy’s hit points and an interval weapon to wear them down with large, powerful attacks. Specializing might put the player in a disadvantage in later fights.

Overall, Tiny Crash Fighters is an entertaining game that offers hours of fun for players who enjoy customizing and battling with miniature robots. With its simple controls, colorful graphics, and various game modes, the game provides a challenging and exciting experience for players of all ages.