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Tag Game Online

Dive into the thrilling world of TAG, an exhilarating local multiplayer game where players engage in an electrifying game of chase. Designed for dynamic gameplay, you can test your agility against one, two, or even three of your friends across three diverse levels. The game offers clever shortcuts to give you an advantage in evading the chaser, and there’s even a strategic teleport feature. However, be warned! This teleport can be used only once before it vanishes, allowing players to craftily mislead the chaser and squander their pursuit time. The ultimate question remains: who will reign supreme in this chase?

Understanding how to play TAG is simple. Player 1 navigates using the W, A, and D keys. Player 2 can move with the Up, Right, and Left arrow keys. For Player 3, it’s the I, J, and L keys, and Player 4 can utilize the T, F, and H keys. The game’s mechanism is straightforward: just walk into another character to tag them. Be alert and keep an eye out for the white arrow, as it signifies which player is “it.”