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About Pocket Racing 2 Game

Pocket Racing 2 is a 2D biking obstacle course race game, and the sequel to Pocket Racing. The game can be played on desktop or touchscreen devices, and the controls differ between the two. Desktop players need to press the right arrow key, up arrow key, or D key to accelerate while moving forward or decelerate while moving backward. The left arrow key, down arrow key, or A key is used to brake or go into reverse. On the other hand, touchscreen players need to press the button in the lower right corner of the screen to accelerate or rotate the bike clockwise while in midair. The button in the lower left corner of the screen is used to slow down or reverse or rotate the bike counterclockwise while in midair.

The upper left corner of the screen shows the current level number, and the number of stars collected on each level’s current play is shown top center by the gray stars turning yellow. The upper right corner has three buttons for returning to the game home screen, restarting the current level, and controlling game sound. The level select screen shows which levels players have unlocked, the star rating earned on each level, and the total star collection.

The game has 60 stages, which are unlocked sequentially. Players can go back and replay unlocked levels at any time. The goal of the game is to safely make it to the finish line while collecting as many stars as possible. Players need to avoid running into spikes, rolling their bike, or falling off the platform. Players beat a level by safely crossing the finish line, but they can beat a level without collecting all the stars on it. If players die, they can start the same level again, as the game offers unlimited continues.

Players can earn up to a 3-star rating on each level. The stars collected only count if players safely finish the course on the play where they collected the stars. Players can go back and replay previously beat levels an unlimited number of times. Their new star rating will only replace the old star rating if they earned more stars on the subsequent play.

The game features five different total bikes. One bike is unlocked at the start of the game, and players unlock another bike after every dozen stages. Each bike has a unique look and unique physics properties. When players have unlocked a bike, they can go back and replay previously beat levels with that bike.

There are various tips that players can use to improve their gameplay. For example, when players need to make a sharp fall, they should rotate counterclockwise to put their tires against a wall they would otherwise run into and then set their bike flat after making contact. If players score fewer than 3 stars on a level and are struggling to get the last one, they should play through other stages and then come back to the level later, as the final unlocked bike (the moped) has great control and solid acceleration, making it easy to reach hard-to-reach stars. Fans in the game require precision speed control to catch a stray star or land safely on a platform with spikes nearby. Whenever players change platforms and are changing direction, they should land as flat as possible and slow down prior to the platform shift so that they can more easily stop and reverse course on the next platform.