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Deep Worm

Movement in Deep Worm is continuous unless the player changes the direction or the worm bounces off a boundary of the screen. The worm can move underground or in the air, and the player can turn the worm in either mode. The turbo can be activated to make the worm move faster.

The worm attacks anything it runs into, including infantry, jeeps, helicopters, and planes. The amount of damage inflicted on enemies depends on their strength. The worm can destroy infantry and jeeps in a single attack, while it takes three hits to destroy green infantry trucks and green rocket launching trucks.

Enemies in Deep Worm vary in strength as the player progresses through the game. Initially, only infantry enemies appear, followed by jeeps with mounted machine guns, infantry trucks, helicopters, paratrooper-dropping airplanes, and the rocket-launching truck that can launch rockets that travel underground.

To defend the worm, the player must be aware of the different types of attacks that the enemies use. For instance, jeeps have a mounted machine gun on their back that shoots behind them, so the player should attack them from the front or the bottom. Helicopters shoot out in front of them at an angle, so the player can knock jeeps into them from underneath or behind them while staying below the ground to avoid their attacks. The rocket launching truck can attack the worm while underground, so it is essential to take it out as soon as possible.

When the worm’s health is running low, the player should stay underground for an extended period and only attack briefly on the surface to take out many enemies at once and restore some of the worm’s health.