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Info About The Pool Invasion

There are 3 modes to play:

Balloon Season Mode: In the “Balloon Season” mode of “The Pool Invasion,” players use Zack’s super water shooter to pop balloons floating overhead. The objective is to shoot as many balloons as possible while avoiding whirlpools by moving the raft. Players must press down and hold the space bar to shoot water, and press the ‘X’ key rapidly to reload the water tanks. This mode emphasizes accuracy and quick reflexes, making it a fun and engaging challenge for players.

Springboard Basketball Mode: In “Springboard Basketball,” players help Zack and Cody set an all-time springboard basketball record. Zack acts as the shooter, releasing the ball when sufficient power is accumulated by pressing the space bar. Cody acts as the goalie, moving up and down at the other end of the pool to catch the ball. Players earn extra points for each successful basket and can score additional points with extra balls. This mode combines timing and precision, offering a unique and enjoyable twist on traditional basketball.

Inflatable Tower Mode: In “Inflatable Tower,” players assist Zack and Cody in building a tower of poolside inflatables. The goal is to balance the tower by moving it left or right to prevent it from tipping over. Players must also chase away birds and a pelican that land on top of the pile, earning extra points for keeping the tower stable. This mode requires careful coordination and quick decision-making, adding an exciting element of strategy to the game.