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About Google Maps Snake Game

What to do:
Collect as many passengers as possible while controlling the train Use WASD keys instead of Arrows when not playing in FullScreen mode.

Google Maps Snake is an entertaining twist on the classic Snake game that incorporates real-world locations, but you play a train now. As you play, your train moves along the streets of iconic cities like Cairo, London, Sydney, and others, gobbling up famous landmarks and local delicacies to grow longer. This game offers an engaging experience, allowing players to familiarize themselves with various city layouts while enjoying a nostalgic arcade game.

In addition to its geographical appeal, Google Maps Snake also provides an intuitive and straightforward gaming experience. Players navigate their snake through the streets using arrow keys or swipe gestures on mobile devices, aiming to collect as many points as possible without crashing into the snake’s tail or the map’s boundaries. With its blend of casual gameplay and geographical exploration, Google Maps Snake has become a favorite pastime for those looking to combine the nostalgia of Snake with the excitement of world travel.