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Online Mekabolt Game

Step into the enchanting world of Mekapark, a captivating fun-park teeming with friendly robots and breathtaking landscapes. But all’s not well in this paradise. The Ultra Batteries, crucial to keeping the robots sane, have mysteriously vanished. This disappearance has triggered chaos, with the robots going haywire. As the player, you’re entrusted with the noble mission of retrieving these batteries using your reliable Mekabolt. This unique weapon possesses the power to control these robots. Navigate through the park, hopping and firing your Mekabolt, as you collect batteries and tactically use the robots to your advantage. Do you have what it takes to restore order and save Mekapark from the grip of these rogue robots?

Playing Mekabolt is intuitive. For movements to the right, use the D key or the right arrow. To move left, rely on the A key or the left arrow. Jumping is facilitated by the X, W, up arrow, or the spacebar. And when it’s time to fire the Mekabolt, the Z or K keys come into play. A special mention goes to the creative minds behind this game. Mekabolt is the brainchild of the talented Somepx.