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Have Fun Playing Masked Forces vs Coronavirus

Masked Forces vs Coronavirus” takes a unique approach by integrating a contemporary theme into the gameplay. Set in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by a pandemic, the game challenges players to battle virus mutations. This twist adds a new layer to the traditional first-person shooter gameplay, blending action with elements of a survival game. Players must navigate through devastated landscapes, combat menacing virus creatures, and collect resources and artifacts to survive.

The game features four distinct modes: Kill, Night Kill, Find Artifacts, and Survival, each offering a unique challenge. In Kill mode, the focus is on eliminating virus mutations, while Night Kill adds the complexity of reduced visibility. Find Artifacts mode requires players to search for valuable items, and Survival mode tests the player’s ability to endure prolonged threats. This variety ensures that “Masked Forces vs Coronavirus” remains engaging and offers different experiences based on the chosen mode.