Learn about Rampage Rex

“Rampage Rex” is an action and adventure game that was added on October 14, 2014. In this game, players control a Tyrannosaurus Rex intent on wreaking havoc in a museum setting. The gameplay involves running, jumping, and chomping as the dinosaur, navigating through 25 levels of fun and mayhem. Players must skillfully avoid museum security and even police as they guide the T-Rex on its path of destruction.

A unique aspect of “Rampage Rex” is the challenge of earning a golden egg in each level. This feature adds an extra layer of difficulty and is designed to appeal to the most skilled players. The challenge of collecting these golden eggs provides an incentive to keep coming back for more, adding replay value to the game.

Overall, “Rampage Rex” offers a blend of action and adventure, providing an engaging and somewhat humorous experience as players embody the role of a dinosaur causing chaos in a museum environment​.