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About this 1st version of the Strike Force Kitty Game

Strike Force Kitty Version 1 is a fun and captivating running game with a touch of RPG elements. It centers around a group of adorable but fierce kitties who have embarked on a journey to rescue the kidnapped princess from the evil foxes. The game mechanics are simple but engaging, requiring players to run through levels, collect fish, and defeat enemies by running into them. However, the true charm lies in the humorous yet strategic character and team customization.

In the game, the player’s primary task is to train, dress up, and upgrade their team of kitty heroes, making the game more of a strategy runner than a typical endless runner. The kitties gain new costumes as they progress through the game, each with unique attributes and abilities, bringing a degree of strategic planning to your runs. Moreover, the fish collected can be used to level up your kitties, further increasing their power and abilities.

Despite the game’s casual and humorous exterior, it manages to offer deep and engaging gameplay. The quirky costumes, character upgrades, and exciting levels combined with the hilarious storyline make Strike Force Kitty Version 1 a fun-filled, charming adventure that is sure to keep players entertained.

There are other versions as well: Strike Force Kitty 2, Strike Force Kitty Last Stand, and Strike Force League.