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About StrikeForce Kitty 2

Strike Force Kitty 2, the sequel to the original game, continues the thrilling adventures of the brave kitty team. This installment introduces new features, such as an open world map, additional costumes, and more sophisticated leveling up systems. The kittens have to take up arms once again to rescue the princess and put an end to the foxes’ devious plans. The simple run and jump mechanics remain the same, but the new additions add a fresh layer of strategy and entertainment.

New to the game is an open world map, which allows the player to choose their path, adding a unique twist to the gameplay. In addition, the sequel introduces new costumes and abilities, expanding the customization options for your team of brave kittens. Each costume now has unique attributes and abilities, encouraging strategic selection based on the challenges you’ll face.

The increased complexity of the leveling-up system is another highlight of Strike Force Kitty 2. Now, fish collected during runs not only increase your kittens’ strength but also provide skill points for unlocking new abilities. This system makes each run feel rewarding and meaningful, and the improved graphics and animation add to the overall enjoyment. With these additions, Strike Force Kitty 2 succeeds in taking the series to new heights, offering a more refined and engaging experience than its predecessor.