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About StrikeForce Kitty League

Strike Force Kitty League is the third installment in the series and takes a different direction from its predecessors. Instead of an endless runner, it’s a fighting game where your team of kitties participates in a wrestling league. The game combines elements of training, strategy, and fast-paced action to provide a unique gaming experience. The objective here is to train your kittens, participate in wrestling matches, and climb the ranks of the Kitty League.

In this installment, you’ll spend a significant amount of time in the training room, boosting your kittens’ skills before each match. The training process is interactive, requiring you to click at the right moment to get the best results. Once you feel your team is ready, you can take them into the ring for intense wrestling matches. The outcome of each match is determined by your team’s training, strategy, and a bit of luck.

Strike Force Kitty League may be a departure from the series’ original gameplay, but it manages to maintain the humor and charm the series is known for. With a unique blend of strategic planning, fast-paced wrestling action, and cute characters, it provides an entertaining gaming experience that’s both challenging and fun.