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Playing SFH 2

Strike Force Heroes 2 is the sequel to the acclaimed Strike Force Heroes, building on the solid foundation of its predecessor while introducing new gameplay elements. The game continues the story of the covert operations team, now introducing a mysterious space station and a threat to humanity. It maintains the core gameplay mechanics, such as the platform shooting action, the class system, and the extensive arsenal, but it adds new features like a more intricate leveling system and customizable soldiers.

This version expands on the class system by adding new classes and giving each class a unique set of skills and perks. Moreover, the sequel introduces a more sophisticated weapon upgrade system. In Strike Force Heroes 2, you can customize your weapons with attachments and upgrades, which significantly affects their performance on the battlefield.

The biggest innovation in Strike Force Heroes 2 is perhaps the customizable soldiers. In addition to selecting their class and weapons, you can now change their appearance, giving a sense of personal connection to your team. Furthermore, the game improves upon its predecessor’s quick play modes by introducing a variety of new challenges and the opportunity to play with or against friends. The improvements and additions in Strike Force Heroes 2 make it a worthy sequel and a must-play for any platform shooter fan.