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Info about Brainzilla

“Brainzilla” is an action-packed game where players take control of a powerful entity, presumably Brainzilla itself, using either the arrow keys or WASD keys for movement. The game incorporates a unique mechanic where, after defeating an enemy, players must maneuver Brainzilla directly over the fallen foe to absorb it, gaining extra credits and life in the process. This feature not only adds a strategic layer to the game, asking players to position themselves carefully during and after combat, but also encourages aggressive play, rewarding players for taking down multiple enemies in succession.

Additionally, Brainzilla has a beam weapon, which players can control using the mouse. This weapon likely provides a ranged option for taking down enemies, adding to the player’s arsenal and allowing for varied playstyles. The game seems to be designed to offer instructions dynamically as players progress, ensuring that the gaming experience is fluid and that players are introduced to new mechanics and challenges in a digestible manner.

The concept of absorbing enemies for health and credits suggests a potential upgrading system, where “credits” earned through absorption can be used to enhance Brainzilla’s abilities, health, or weaponry, further deepening the gameplay experience. The need to move directly over a defeated enemy to absorb it could also introduce additional challenges, as players must expose themselves to danger to reap the benefits, creating a risk-versus-reward scenario that can add intense excitement and strategic decision-making to each encounter.