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Enjoy the game Ricochet Kills 2

“Ricochet Kills 2” is the second game in the popular physics-based puzzle shooter series developed by Mibix. Released in 2010, the game challenges players to eliminate all enemies on the screen using bullets that ricochet off walls and obstacles. The game is simple in concept but requires careful planning and precision aiming to complete each level with a limited number of shots​.

The gameplay involves using the mouse to aim and shoot, taking advantage of the ricochet mechanics to hit multiple targets with a single bullet. Each level is designed as a unique puzzle, becoming progressively more difficult with the introduction of new obstacles and more complex layouts. The objective is to maximize efficiency by setting up shots that cause chain reactions, allowing players to eliminate all enemies with minimal ammunition​​.

“Ricochet Kills 2” has been praised for its engaging and challenging gameplay, clever level design, and the satisfaction of executing perfect shots. The game’s combination of strategy and action makes it a favorite among fans of puzzle shooters. Its success led to the development of additional levels and sequels, further expanding the series and its player base​.