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About the Game

This is a Quality of Life (QoL) Hack ROM where all 386 Pokemon can be captured without resorting to trading or cheating. It includes a number of new features, such as the PSS System, an increased shiny rate of 255, Mirage Island, all Deoxys forms, a 2.5 multiplier for the Lucky Egg, an EV-IV viewer, purchasable PP Up, and more. The game is fully available in English and now, let’s start the adventure!

Galaxy Emerald’s final version has been released, and it has been revised to accommodate certain requests. Are you tired of playing new Hacks that pile on extra features, thereby losing the originality of the actual game? Would you like to relive the nostalgia of playing Pokémon EMERALD, but with modernized systems and the ability to complete the POKÉDEX without trading, or evolve your Pokémon without a link cable?

Galaxy Emerald includes features like an increased shiny rate of 255 for easier shiny collection, an optional Physical/Special Split, availability of all 386 Pokémon without the need for trading, and Pokémon that were only available via trade evolution can now be accessed without trading through the use of a Link Stone. Other modifications include reusable TM’s and Move Tutors scattered across the map, the availability of most EVOLUTION STONES in Lilycove Mart, altered in-game trades, and altered held items that now function like Evolution Stones. Moreover, all berries from gen I-III are available, and a KANTO FOSSIL RESTORATION CENTER has been added in MOSSDEEP, offering Aerodactyl, Kabuto, and Omanyte at level 25.

The Secret Base Furniture seller has been moved to the top of Lilycove Mart ROOF, and instead of only appearing on Saturdays, items can be purchased at any time. PP UP has been added to Lilycove Mart and an EV-IV Viewer can be found in the MENU under OPTIONS. Some wild Pokémon have been improved for easier discovery, and the movesets of some GYM LEADERS have been fixed. In addition, the parties, levels, and movesets of some Trainers, the RIVAL, and BOSSES from MAGMA/ACQUA teams have been revised. The Sturdy Ability, like in newer generations, is a 1 hp tank, and the Rough Skin ability, also like in newer generations, deducts 1/16 hp.

CAPT STERN will now give you both of his SCALES (deepsea and deepfang) instead of just one, and they can also be purchased in the Slateport Market from the Old man treasure hunter. BATTLE FRONTIER POINTS— MOVE TUTORS, ITEMS, DOLLS (BP) were reduced to 10BP for convenience, with just a few KANTO DOLLS priced at around 100 BP. Your Rival will have a full starter evolution, and Kanto starters, Hoen Starters (opposite of your choice), Johto Starters (available after completing the hoen dex) are included.

Additional features are a BW2 Repel System, encounters with RED and LEAF from the FireRed and LeafGreen versions, and the use of Hyper Potions / Full Restore in final stages by MAGMA / ACQUA Admins and Bosses instead of Super Potion. MIRAGE ISLAND will become accessible after E4, all RARE Berrys are available, and PRISMSCALE has been ADDED for evolving Feebas (you can also evolve your Feebas to Milotic the old-fashioned way – through beauty). Feebas is now a common Pokémon, and can be caught using a Good ROD or Super Rod.

Team Magma/Acqua teams are based on TCG Cards (including Sealeo, Rhyhorn, Camerupt, and others), and all four of Deoxys’ forms are available (you can change Forms within the game).

Several IN-GAME TRADES have also been added: TOGEPI can be traded for SNORLAX (which holds a Lucky egg), VOLBEAT for FARFETCHED in Fortree City, BAGON for PORYGON in Paciflog Town, and FEEBAS for LAPRAS in Battle Frontier.