About this version

This ROM is a GBA hack that takes its roots from Pokemon Emerald. The aim of this game is to strike a balance by integrating more features like removing trade evolutions, introducing new icons and sprites, and enabling the catch of all Pokemon. The game is available entirely in English. Now, let’s embark on this exciting journey!

Over time, numerous games were incorporated into the Balanced Edition series. However, not everyone found these to their liking. Some players were critical of all Pokémon having the same Base Stat Total (BST) of 600. Others were not in favor of the altered stats of some Pokémon, introduced to impart uniqueness. For instance, Charizard and Typhlosion share the same Base Stats and Stat Distribution in the original Pokémon.

Considering these perspectives, an alternative has been crafted: The Pokémon CounterBalanced Editions! The goal of Pokémon CounterBalanced is to balance the gameplay while also retaining fidelity to the original games as closely as possible.

A unique system has been developed for Pokémon CounterBalanced to enhance Pokémon attributes. A Pokémon can receive up to three enhancements:

  1. First, a rank-based buff – The ranks are drawn directly from Smogon. Each rank, ranging from Ubers to LC, offers a specific enhancement to a stat, with additional benefits for Ice/Grass/Poison/Bug Types.
  2. Secondly, a base stat-based buff is granted depending on the Pokémon’s Base Stat Total.
  3. Lastly, a supplementary buff is given. However, most Pokémon won’t qualify for this third enhancement. It is exclusive to Pokémon that are either at the Middle Stage/Do not evolve (excluding Legendaries) or those with a BST under 400.

Additionally, Slakoth receives a special bonus of +15 to all its stats, courtesy of the Truancy Bonus.

Other features integrated into this edition include the availability of all Pokémon, various quality of life enhancements like Colored Stats, removed trade evolutions, adjusted moves, priority to moves like Ember, and 66% Accuracy for moves like Thunder Wave/Sing. Froslass has been added to both games, and new icons and sprites have been allocated to most Pokémon. In Emerald Counterbalanced, new Icons are present in Pokémon FireRed CounterBalanced.