Important Note:

This page has an attached Word file (.docx) file. This includes a complete instructional How to Play guide. Don’t forget to read.

How to Play File

Also, read the info about the game and why there are 3 ROMs to play

The game has been divided into three Roms; this division has been necessitated by the changes that have been implemented, which cannot be supported in just one rom. Importing and exporting of saves can be accomplished without any issues.

This GBA Hack ROM has three Roms to play with. A single saved file can be utilized to play all of them. It provides a more challenging experience than the original game with more Pokemon available to catch, additional features, and documentation and rules to follow. The game has been fully completed in English. Now, let the game begin!

Improvements have been made to all trainers in the game, increasing their difficulty. These improvements are made while utilizing THE ORIGINAL GAME (original stats, attacks, items, etc.). With this approach, “difficulty” becomes an abstract concept, but it doesn’t imply that AI teams possess legendary Pokemon or Pokemon with levels >100 (as seen in crystal kaizo).

Crystal kaizo has been played, and certain aspects have been established, especially the complex structure of all AI teams, using varied strategies. The following point (2. Rules, how to play) should be read to gain a better understanding of this. Also, not all “strong Pokemon” can be caught from the “beginning” (like Kingdra, Salamence, Ludicolo or Alakazam). Consequently, surprises will be encountered regarding the usage of certain Pokemon or strategies, which may seem difficult to think about or implement without having all considered strong Pokemon. These will be “unlocked” as the game progresses.

ROM 1 (Part 1)

Plat Part 2 Here After This one

Plat Part 2 Here After This one