About the Portal of Doom Undead Rising Game

Embark on a thrilling journey in Portal of Doom: Undead Rising, a riveting sci-fi horror adventure. Your mission begins when a distress signal emanates from a space station, a known site for various experiments. The nature of the incident remains unknown, raising suspicions of a possible experiment failure.

Embrace your courage as you venture through the space station to uncover the mysterious events that have transpired. As part of your arsenal, you have access to a vast array of advanced weaponry designed to neutralize any imminent threats. Stay alert, gather evidence, and strive to unravel the enigma behind the Portal of Doom.

Release Time and Developer

The offline Windows version was introduced in June 2015, followed by the online WebGL edition in December 2018.
The creative team at Poison Games is responsible for this engaging game.

Key Attributes

This game is a 3D first-person horror experience set in a sci-fi universe. It boasts top-tier graphics and terrifying creatures such as spiders, aliens, and undead beings. The game offers a variety of sophisticated weapons to utilize.


Portal Of Doom: Undead Rising is accessible as a web browser game, with an Android application also available.

User Interface and Control Keys

The following control instructions will guide you in navigating the game:

  • Utilize the WASD or arrow keys to navigate your character
  • Use the mouse to scan your surroundings
  • The left mouse button enables you to fire your weapon
  • Aim your weapon with the right mouse button
  • Scroll the mouse wheel to switch your weapon
  • Press ‘R’ to reload your weapon
  • ‘F’ allows you to retrieve an object
  • Engage the left shift to sprint
  • Employ the left Ctrl to lower your stance
  • Use ‘X’ to lay flat on the ground
  • Press ‘V’ for a melee attack
  • Jump by hitting the space bar