Play Online Idle Arzath Revenge Game

Idle Arzath Revenge is a captivating idle shooting game that intertwines powerful narratives with immersive gameplay. The game revolves around Arzath, a young demon, who lived a peaceful life in his small village with his family until tragedy struck. Humans ruthlessly raided his village, taking away his family and his tranquility. From that moment forward, Arzath has had only one mission: to avenge his loved ones and enact justice on humans.

As a player, you step into the shoes of Arzath, using your skills and strategy to wage war against humans. This isn’t just about simple vengeance; it’s about claiming back what was rightfully yours. Your ultimate objective is to defeat the human bosses and reach the final level. To achieve this, you can assemble a team, diligently upgrade their stats and weapons, turning them into an invincible force. Your journey evolves into becoming the right hand of the devil himself.

Idle Arzath Revenge, developed by Bar Shoulian, was first introduced in January 2020. The game operates on a web browser platform and requires a simple left mouse button control for gameplay. It combines the engaging elements of idle games with the thrill and strategy of shooting games, creating an addictive gaming experience that keeps players on edge.

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