About this unique game

A Whole Lot of Color is an intriguing puzzle game that beckons the player into a world filled with vibrant 3D shapes and mind-bending puzzles. The crux of the game lies in its deceptively simple premise: maneuver the shapes to fit them through an aperture and cross the finish line. But with each progressing level, the game teases your brain and challenges your spatial awareness, making for an addictive and rewarding gaming experience.

The game incorporates exciting physics, allowing the shapes to move freely within the game’s environment. Your task isn’t just about making the shapes fit; it’s about understanding the physics and using it to your advantage. Each level presents a unique puzzle, challenging you to think creatively to complete it. Your journey through the colorful stages isn’t just a race to the finish line; it’s a journey filled with analytical thinking, creativity, and a dash of fun.

A Whole Lot of Color entices players with its vibrant graphics, engaging gameplay, and challenging levels. The simple controls make it accessible to players of all ages and skill levels, while the progressively challenging puzzles ensure that it continues to captivate the players. This delightful game, with its blend of fun physics and challenging puzzles, promises an enjoyable gaming experience.

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