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About Clean Teeth Game

The Clean Teeth game greets players with a welcome screen, from which they can toggle the game’s sound on or off and view their high scores. The game operates through simple controls, such as a mouse click and drag for desktop users, or a tap and swipe for touchscreen devices. Gameplay is designed to be intuitive, with on-screen instructions guiding players through each step. Initially, the player selects the toothbrush, followed by the application of toothpaste to the brush.

Next, the focus shifts to the character’s mouth. Here, the player brushes the teeth by moving the mouse or their fingers around the mouth. The aim is to brush as quickly as possible, effectively removing germs and stains to leave the teeth gleaming. This brushing phase is timed, adding a level of challenge to the game.

Upon completing the brushing, the player is prompted to rinse the mouth by selecting a glass of water, signifying the end of the game. The final score is determined by the player’s brushing speed – the faster they managed to brush the teeth, the higher the score.