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About this game

The Clear the Number game welcomes players with a multifunctional screen. From here, players can start the game, access the tutorial, view high scores, select their preferred language, and even share the game on social media. The game’s progress is automatically saved in the player’s web browser, providing a seamless gaming experience. Players interact with the game by clicking on numbers with a mouse or tapping them on a touchscreen device. The game also has various controls and indicators located on the right side of the screen for added convenience.

Gameplay revolves around the principle of selecting and removing groups of three identical numbers from a stack. The player can hold a certain number of tiles in a tray located at the bottom center of the screen, with this capacity reducing as the game progresses. If all slots fill without forming a valid group, the game concludes.

Each level introduces an increased number of tiles on the field. Upon level completion, the player can either choose to restart the level or end the game. The scoring system awards points for each group of numbers cleared, with bonus points given for clearing the entire stack. The player can also use the undo and shuffle options to assist in gameplay, adding a layer of strategy to the game.