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About This Bouncy Ball Game

In this Platformer Game, initiation begins with the striking of the neon green and brown button situated at the welcome screen’s lower center, leading to the level select screen. Levels are accessed in sequence, with your browser automatically storing your game’s progress, inclusive of the levels conquered and their respective ratings. The welcome screen also hosts buttons for sound control, developer information, progress erasure, and game achievements. The game controls on desktop include the left and right arrow keys, or a left mouse click on the screen’s side for movement, while touchscreen devices utilize the on-screen controls. The upper right corner features buttons to access the level select screen, restart the level, and manage game sound, while the lower corners display your score and the level number.

This Platformer Game immerses you into the life of a bouncing basketball, maneuvering through fixed and moving platforms, with a goal to collect all three stars in each stage. Golden bricks add a challenge, disappearing after a single bounce, and horizontally moving platforms require you to move along with them. Steer clear of spikes and sharp objects that can pop the ball. The game is composed of 21 progressively unlocked levels that you can revisit at any time. Victory is achieved by safely passing through the basket, and defeat is met by popping the ball or getting stuck. The game offers unlimited continues, restarting you at the level you lost.

Star ratings are earned by collecting stars, with a maximum of three per level. You need to safely pass through the basket for the stars to count, and any replay resulting in a higher star rating will replace the old rating. The game also features an achievements screen with milestones for beating specific levels and collecting a certain number of stars.

Strategies include patiently analyzing levels due to the lack of time constraints, breaking down complex levels into smaller chunks for better timing, and carefully timing your jumps to avoid breaking platforms and dangerous objects. Ensure you have planned your next jump before jumping into a dangerous area. Remember, the level only ends when the ball goes through the basket.