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Play Online A Key Path

Using keyboard keys as temporary platforms. Bear in mind that while a key is active, movement in the key’s corresponding direction is disabled. Returning the key to the inventory allows for its usage.

The game encompasses three levels, each unlocked sequentially. Be aware, replaying previous levels requires restarting from the game’s onset. Winning a level involves reaching the exit box at the stage’s end, while death results from contact with spikes or fireballs. Despite unlimited continues being offered, dying before passing a red flag necessitates starting over from the level’s beginning.

Kick off the game by clicking the START button situated in the middle of the welcome screen. Adjustments like master volume, SFX volume, music volume, and screenshake can be made via the OPTIONS button. For desktop users, movement is controlled by the A or left arrow key (left), D or right arrow key (right), and either the W, up arrow key, or spacebar (jump). The mouse’s left click returns used keys to playable status. Unfortunately, touchscreen devices aren’t currently supported.

Upon passing the first level, available keys are displayed in light gray with white button text at the screen’s bottom, while used keys are darker. Throughout each level, you’ll encounter progress check flags, waving as you pass by. The unique platforming mechanics of this game require.