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Play Online Boxes Wizard

The wizard-themed game starts with a language selection ranging from American English, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French to German. Progressing to the welcome screen is accomplished by pressing the enter key, left clicking, or tapping. The game automatically saves your progress, which is displayed beneath the game title at the welcome screen center. The progress can be cleared using the Reset Progress button. The controls for desktop play involve the mouse or keyboard for various functions such as movement, music control, warping, and exiting the game. Touchscreen play utilizes onscreen controls.

As the wizard, your mission is to gather all three gems in each level while avoiding hazards. Upon securing the gems, seize the trophy to clear the level. The game comprises 40 levels unlocked sequentially, starting with a tutorial. You resume from the latest level each time you reload the game, and previous levels cannot be replayed without resetting the game progress. Victory is achieved by collecting all gems and reaching the trophy safely, while defeat comes from contacting spikes or other sharp hazards.

Level features include boxes, which serve as platforms and can be moved using magic or by pushing. Trampoline buttons enable high jumps, and disappearing platforms serve as temporary climbing aids. Buttons open doors, and balance platforms operate in pairs moving in opposite directions. Spikes are the primary hazard to avoid.

Strategize by planning your route to minimize crossing dangerous areas multiple times. Don’t rush as levels aren’t timed. Restarting is an option if you make a mistake. Be aware that switching places with a box hanging from a chain will cause you to fall to the ground below, so plan your moves carefully to avoid any spikes underneath.