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About the Borderless Game

Various platforms have distinct borders based on their status. Active ones are white, the next one to activate is blue, and those that aren’t active and need more than one cycle to activate are black. The level select screen displays your progress by showing unlocked levels.

Navigating the level, collecting keys, and reaching the exit are basic gameplay mechanics. However, careful timing of jumps and platform switches is necessary to avoid activating platforms while passing through walls. Certain stages feature gravity-reversing balls, which flip gravity upon contact.

Beginning the game involves pressing the Play button at the center of the welcome screen. Progress through the levels is sequential, with your web browser taking care of auto-saving your game progress. Sound and music controls are conveniently located at the top right corner of the welcome screen.

For desktop users, the A and D or left and right arrow keys control movement, while the W, up arrow key, or spacebar control jumping. The X key allows for platform visibility cycling, the R key restarts the current stage, and the Escape key leads back to the main menu. Unfortunately, this game doesn’t support touchscreen devices.