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Play Online 3D Isometric Puzzle Game

The game’s essential mechanics center around the manipulation of yellow blocks, navigation of distinct paths, and reaching a specific target, marked by a purple block with a flag. Players must strategize their moves carefully, and reset options are available for any mistakes. The objective includes sinking yellow blocks and effectively navigating the paths to clear levels.

Upon launching the game, players are greeted with a welcome screen where they are directed to click the purple play button underneath the game’s animated logo. Upon loading, they are presented with various control methods, such as swiping with fingers or using the mouse, or tapping to use on-screen or keyboard arrows. The “both” option enables easy switching between control methods. Alongside this, the game’s progress is auto-saved by the web browser, and different controls can be managed by clicking the gear button.

For those using desktops, the controls permit movements through mouse clicks or keyboard arrows, while touchscreen devices offer tap and swipe options. The main controls consist of buttons like Hamburger, Reset, and Gear, with the latter providing sound and control options. The game consists of 64 sequential levels, with each new level unlocked by completing the one before it.