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Play the Tank Trouble Latest Version

I am not here to talk about Tank Trouble 1, 2, or the 3rd version. They are old now. Here is the latest official version you can play online.

When the game loads, you get to choose 1 Player, 2 Players, or 3 Players mode.

1-Player mode is for those who want to play against AI/Computer.
Control Keys: Spacebar to Shoot, Arrow keys to move

2-Player mode allows you to play against your person.
Player 1: Q to shoot WASD to Move
Player 2: Spacebar to shoot, Arrow keys to move

3-Player mode allows you to play with 2 real people.
Player 1 and 2: Use the control keys mentioned in 2-Player mode
3rd player can move using the mouse pointer, and shoot with a left click.