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About Aliens Buster

Aliens Buster is an action-packed game that involves players controlling a character to navigate through various levels and defeat alien enemies. The game can be played on desktop or touchscreen devices. On desktop, players can use the left and right arrow keys or the A and D keys to move, the up arrow key or the W key to jump, the down arrow key or the S key to fire grenades, the X key to shoot, and the Z key to use the bayonet. On touchscreen devices, players can tap on arrow buttons, jump button, bayonet button, shoot button, and grenade button to control the game.

In the game, players must complete each level to unlock the next one. There are six levels in the game, and players can replay any of the levels they have unlocked. The objective of each level is to collect three stars to exit the level. The door appears somewhere in the level, and it will only open when players collect all three stars. Players must also collect as many coins as they can and kill any aliens that appear within the level.

Navigation is key in Aliens Buster, as players must avoid booby traps such as acid pits, buzz saws, and flamethrowers. These traps can cause players to lose health. Most traps are timed, so players must observe them and move when they are out of the way. Players can jump over acid pits and use boxes as platforms to shoot flying enemies. They can remove some boxes by using the bayonet and use ladders to access upper chambers.

Players have a health bar that measures their total health. Each time they get attacked by an alien or get stuck in a trap, they lose health. If they lose all their health, they die. Enemies prowl the level and must be within range for them to attack players. Flying enemies will not be able to attack players if they are too low for them to attack. Players can use bullets or the bayonet to take them out, and it usually takes two shots to take out enemies. They can also use grenades to kill them, but they only have a limited supply.

In Aliens Buster, players score points by collecting coins. Each coin is worth 100 points. Overall, Aliens Buster is an exciting game that involves quick reflexes, strategic navigation, and precise aiming to defeat the alien enemies and complete the levels.