Clear Vision

Clear Vision Game Series

The Clear Vision series, developed by DPFlashes Studios, is a critically acclaimed sniper game series known for its engaging storyline and precision shooting mechanics. The series has captivated players with its combination of dark humor, intense missions, and a compelling narrative. Spanning multiple installments, each game builds on the strengths of its predecessor, offering new challenges and deeper immersion. Let’s explore the evolution of the Clear Vision series and what makes each game unique.

Clear Vision

The original Clear Vision game introduces players to the life of Tyler, a seemingly ordinary man who turns to a life of assassination after a series of unfortunate events. Players take on the role of Tyler, who becomes a sniper-for-hire, completing various missions for different clients. The game stands out for its simplistic yet effective stick-figure art style, combined with realistic bullet physics and a gripping storyline. The missions range from straightforward targets to more complex scenarios, requiring players to think strategically and execute their shots with precision.

Clear Vision 2

Building on the success of the first game, Clear Vision 2 continues Tyler’s story. The sequel delves deeper into Tyler’s personal struggles and moral dilemmas as he navigates the dangerous world of contract killing. The game introduces new weapons, more detailed environments, and enhanced graphics while maintaining the series’ signature art style. The missions become more intricate, often requiring players to consider factors such as wind direction and distance. Clear Vision 2 also features more interactive elements and dialogue options, adding depth to the narrative and gameplay.

Clear Vision 3

Clear Vision 3 marks a significant evolution in the series, offering a more expansive and immersive experience. This installment sees Tyler grappling with the consequences of his actions as he tries to escape his violent past. The game introduces a variety of new environments, from urban settings to remote locations, each with unique challenges. The graphics are more polished, and the gameplay mechanics are refined, offering a more realistic sniping experience. Players can now upgrade their weapons and gear, adding a layer of strategy to the missions.

Clear Vision 4

In Clear Vision 4, the series takes a bold step forward with an even more complex storyline and enhanced gameplay features. Tyler’s journey becomes more personal as he deals with betrayal and seeks revenge. The game introduces a wider range of missions, including rescue operations and stealth-based objectives. The graphics receive a significant upgrade, offering more detailed characters and environments. Clear Vision 4 also incorporates a more interactive world, with NPCs that react to the player’s actions and a more dynamic storyline that can change based on decisions made during the game.

Clear Vision 5

The latest installment, Clear Vision 5, brings Tyler’s story to a thrilling conclusion. The game offers the most refined gameplay experience in the series, with improved mechanics, a more intricate plot, and high-quality graphics. Players face their toughest challenges yet, with missions that require careful planning and precise execution. The game also features an extensive upgrade system, allowing players to customize their weapons and gear to suit their playstyle. Clear Vision 5 delivers a satisfying end to the series, with a storyline that ties up loose ends and provides closure for Tyler’s character.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Across all installments, the Clear Vision series is characterized by its realistic sniping mechanics and engaging storylines. Players must consider various factors when taking a shot, such as wind direction, distance, and target movement. The series also emphasizes strategy and planning, with missions that often require players to observe their surroundings and make critical decisions. The narrative is a key component of the series, with each game building on Tyler’s story and adding depth to his character.


The Clear Vision series is a standout in the sniper game genre, offering a unique blend of precision shooting and compelling storytelling. Each installment builds on the strengths of its predecessors, introducing new features and challenges that keep players engaged. Whether you’re a fan of the genre or new to sniper games, the Clear Vision series offers a rich and rewarding experience that is sure to captivate and entertain. Dive into the series and follow Tyler’s journey from an ordinary man to a legendary sniper.