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Are you confused because it shows Version 4?

Yes, it shows version 4, but there is a button “Skip to New Missions”. You can click this button to play new levels that you cannot find in Version 4.

“Clear Vision 4.5” is a free sniper game developed by Dan Erhard Olsson, part of the popular Clear Vision series. In this game, players continue the story of Jake, an elite sniper who finds himself bedridden but still mentally sharp and eager to take on missions. The game involves working through a series of assassination missions, each requiring precise shooting and strategic planning. The narrative unfolds as players progress, revealing more about Jake’s past and the motivations behind his assignments​.

The gameplay mechanics are straightforward, using the mouse to aim and fire. Players must read mission objectives carefully and execute their tasks with precision to succeed. The game challenges players with a variety of targets and scenarios, each increasing in difficulty as the story advances. The realistic physics and detailed stick-figure animations add to the immersive experience, making each shot feel impactful​​.

“Clear Vision 4.5” has been well-received for its engaging story, challenging missions, and the depth of its sniper mechanics. The game’s blend of storytelling and action, combined with its straightforward controls and strategic gameplay, make it a standout entry in the sniper game genre. Players who enjoy methodical shooting games with a strong narrative component will find “Clear Vision 4.5” particularly enjoyable.