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Info about Clear Vision 1

“Clear Vision” is a stick-figure sniper game developed by Dan Erhard Olsson. Released in 2008, the game centers around a character named Tyler, an elite hitman with a dark past. Players undertake various assassination missions, using basic sniper mechanics to eliminate targets. The game delves into Tyler’s story, revealing his traumatic history and the moral complexities of his profession. The narrative is enhanced by the game’s simplistic yet effective stick-figure animation and storytelling, making it a standout in the stick sniper genre​.

The gameplay involves navigating through missions by reading emails that provide details about the targets. Players must carefully aim and shoot using the mouse, paying attention to subtle details to identify the correct targets among similar-looking characters. Each successful mission advances the story, with intermissions that include reading newspapers that report on the player’s latest hits. This blend of narrative and action keeps players engaged as they progress through Tyler’s journey​​.

Clear Vision” has been praised for its engaging storyline, dark humor, and challenging gameplay. The combination of strategic shooting and immersive storytelling has made it a popular title among fans of sniper and stick-figure games. Its success has led to the development of several sequels, each expanding on the original’s mechanics and narrative depth.