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Learn About Speedway Showdown – Junkyard Wars

Speedway Showdown is a special episode of the Junkyard Wars series where teams from different racing leagues compete to build the best race car. Teams from NASCAR, Indy Racing League, and NHRA have just 10 hours to construct vehicles capable of excelling in multiple racing events. The competitions include a drag race, a road course, and an oval track race.

Each team must build a car that can perform well in all three types of races. The first race is a 1/8-mile drag strip, followed by a five-lap road course, and finally a 10-lap race on a half-mile oval track. The combined scores from the first two races determine the starting positions for the final race.

Speedway Showdown combines elements of engineering and racing, making it an exciting and educational experience for viewers. The teams must use their creativity and mechanical skills to construct competitive vehicles from scratch, showcasing the importance of teamwork and innovation in problem-solving.