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Crossdown Craze, also known as LEGO Crosstown Craze, is an exciting racing game where you get to drive LEGO cars through busy city streets. Your objective is to beat your opponents in each race and move on to the next round. The game features three rounds, and if you win all three, you will be crowned the racing champion. You can choose from six different LEGO cars, each with its own unique stats and abilities. To control your car, you use the arrow keys to speed up, brake, and turn. Along the way, you need to avoid obstacles and collect bonuses that help you go faster or repair your car.

In this game, each car has different maximum speeds and steering abilities, making the choice of car crucial depending on the track and opponent. Players need to navigate through a busy highway filled with obstacles such as tires and other cars while trying to collect power-ups that provide boosts or repair damage. The vibrant graphics and engaging gameplay make Crossdown Craze a fun experience for LEGO fans and racing game enthusiasts alike.

The game also has a nostalgic value as it was created to promote the 2008 Tiny Turbos line of LEGO Racers sets. Its flash-based gameplay is now emulated to be playable without the Flash player, keeping the fun alive for new and old players. Winning all three rounds and being crowned the racing champion offers a satisfying challenge for those who enjoy fast-paced racing games.