Learn about Fly Hard

“Fly Hard” is an action-packed distance game developed by Kaira Games and made with Unity. Released on December 17, 2009, the game features a unique flying experience with 60 different maps and diverse flying mechanics. Players help a character named Druce Millis build and pilot the fastest and most formidable rocket on Earth.

The game’s primary mechanics involve collecting bonuses and buying upgrades to improve the rocket’s acceleration, speed, and fuel. Players launch their rocket and control it using the arrow keys, navigating through the air to collect items that aid in their journey. Additionally, players must dodge other planes to protect their rocket from damage and can press the spacebar for an extra boost of acceleration. These features contribute to an engaging and challenging gameplay experience.

The game stands out for its 3D graphics and flight-focused gameplay, offering a distinctive and enjoyable experience for players who enjoy action and adventure games​