About the Game

This game bears similarities to Pokemon Ruby, but with several notable improvements and changes. Firstly, the capacity of the Poké Balls pocket has been expanded from 16 items to 32, allowing for more efficient storage of captured Pokémon. Additionally, the size of the Items pocket has been significantly increased from 20 items to a spacious 120 items, enabling players to carry a wider range of items throughout their journey.

One exciting update is the ability to forget HMs in the Summary Screen. Testing is highly appreciated to identify any potential issues or situations where teaching an HM may not be possible. Furthermore, the overworld effects of Magma Armor and Flame Body have been implemented, adding depth and realism to the gameplay experience.

In terms of controls, players can now press the ‘B’ button during wild battles to hover over the Run option, providing greater convenience and ease of use. Additionally, the ‘R’ button can be utilized in the overworld to enable auto-running, allowing for faster traversal through the game world.

Trade evolutions have undergone modifications, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable evolution process. The title screen has also received an update, presenting a refreshed look and feel to captivate players from the start. Moreover, players now have the option to choose between different fonts, including RS, Emerald, and FR, to personalize their visual experience.

Another notable feature is the ability to switch encounters between Ruby and Sapphire versions, granting players the flexibility to encounter different Pokémon based on their preferences. Additionally, there is an option to retain TMs even after using them, which can be a valuable asset for strategic gameplay.

Regarding connectivity with other vanilla games, while it is believed that no features have been compromised, thorough testing is required to confirm this. Any issues or complications that arise should be promptly reported for further investigation.

Unfortunately, vanilla saves cannot be used in this modified version of the game due to the expanded bag pocket sizes. However, saves from this version are fully compatible with future versions, ensuring that players can continue their progress seamlessly as new updates are released.

In conclusion, this enhanced version of the game offers various improvements and additions, while striving to maintain compatibility and provide a seamless gameplay experience.