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About Calm Sea Game

“Calm Sea” places you in the role of a sailor during a devastating storm. Your ship is slowly sinking, riddled with holes that need immediate attention. Your objective, as the sailor, is to mend these holes and prevent your ship from succumbing to the wrath of the sea. Developed by FixelDev as part of a one-week Game Jam project, this game is as challenging as it is engaging.

Movement around your ship is controlled by the WASD keys. Your primary tool in the game is your ability to patch up the holes that threaten your ship’s buoyancy, an action that can be executed using the G key or the Spacebar. The simple controls, coupled with the pressing need to keep the ship afloat, make for a thrilling gaming experience.

As you brave the storm and work diligently to repair your ship, “Calm Sea” continuously tests your resourcefulness and your ability to remain calm under pressure. Offering a unique premise and an immersive gaming experience, this game guarantees an exhilarating journey from start to finish. Good luck, and may you navigate your way to calm seas!