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The Pocket Racing Online Game has various game controls and gameplay features that make it exciting and challenging. The game controls depend on the type of device used for playing. For desktop users, players need to press the right or left arrow keys or the D and A keys to move right or left, respectively. On the other hand, touchscreen device users need to use the on-screen controls to drive, with the right button in the lower right corner to accelerate and the left button in the lower left corner to brake or accelerate while driving left.

The game has a total of 60 levels that players can unlock sequentially. To beat a level, players need to survive and reach the finish line. Each level has three stars that players can collect. Players can beat a level without collecting any stars, but they can replay any unlocked level to try to earn a higher star rating. If a player collected two stars on a play, they would need to collect all three stars on the subsequent play to earn a higher rating.

Some parts of the game require players to race through them at maximum speed, while others work better if players exercise caution and go slow. When players accelerate while in midair, they also rotate in the direction they are accelerating. For instance, if a player is driving right and presses the right arrow key while in midair, they will rotate clockwise. On the other hand, if a player decelerates while in midair, they will rotate in the direction they are decelerating, such as rotating counterclockwise if they press the left arrow key while in midair.

Throughout the game, signs guide players toward the finish line, indicate where stars are located, and warn of dangers. Some signs are in the background, while others, particularly those telling players to switch directions sharply, can be run into and bounced off of. If players hit signs too hard, they can crash.

The game features various obstacles, including moving spike balls, spikes on the ground, and even bumps that players can drive over but can cause them to flip. The spikes on the ground do not carry a warning, but the moving spiked balls do. As players progress through the game, more obstacles are added, such as moving platforms, spinning fans, rotating balance beams, floating spike balls, and others. If players run into the side of a platform, hit spikes, or fall off a platform without landing on another, they will die.

In the game, players can spin over 360 degrees and land provided they land wheels down. If they land too far forward or backward and flip while on the ground, they will blow up. In some cases, it helps to manage momentum on long jumps by doing a backspin rather than a front flip. If a player dies, they start at the beginning of the level they died on, but the game offers unlimited continues.

The game features five vehicles, which players can unlock as they progress through the game. Each vehicle has its unique size and physics, including acceleration, base length, and tipping. After unlocking a vehicle, players can play it at any time on any level. The motorcycle is unlocked at the beginning of the game, while the wheelchair is unlocked after completing level 12. The tractor is unlocked after completing level 24, and the scooter is unlocked after completing level 36. Finally, the four-wheeler is unlocked after completing level 48.

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