About Cyber Racer Battles Game

Embark on an exhilarating space journey with Cyber Racer Battles, a classic racing game offering a unique blend of vehicular combat and competition. Experience the thrill of futuristic racing and warfare, all set in the captivating expanses of space. With two distinct game modes, single-player or multiplayer, you can test your skills against AI or challenge friends to exciting battles.

The game offers three engaging modes, namely Race, Mission, and Free Roam. In single-player Race mode, winning races grants coins, which you can use to purchase advanced hovercrafts. There are six immersive maps, each offering unique challenges and rewards. In Mission mode, you will be confronted with 12 high-stakes battles, each set in vibrant and challenging environments. Use the WASD keys to navigate, and F, G, R keys for rockets, machine guns or laser guns, and fixing the hover position respectively. For the second player, controls shift to the arrow keys, O, P, and L.