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“Necronator: Dead Wrong” is a unique blend of deck-building, roguelike, and real-time strategy gameplay. Developed by Toge Productions and published by Modern Wolf, the game was released on July 30, 2020. Players are tasked with building a powerful deck, collecting and deploying undead units, and raising an army to conquer the world. Each commander in the game offers a distinct playstyle, with the game encouraging mastery over these styles to achieve global domination. The game also incorporates rule-bending relics to change gameplay dynamics and offers new decks to unlock and explore, making each playthrough a fresh experience​​​​.

The game has received mixed reviews from players, indicating a variety of experiences. Some of the key features highlighted include over 200 cards and upgrades, more than 20 unique relics, and multiple commanders with their own starting decks and units. The narrative events in the game, co-written by Chandler Groover, add depth to the commanders’ quests for the Necronator, enriching the gameplay with story elements​​​​.

“Necronator: Dead Wrong” stands out for its innovative combination of genres, merging the strategic depth of RTS games with the randomized, replayable nature of roguelikes and the tactical complexity of deck-building games. Its early access phase started on February 13, 2020, during which it received continual updates and content additions based on player feedback. This development approach has allowed Toge Productions to refine the game and adjust it according to the community’s input, aiming to enhance the overall gaming experience​​​​.